( pictured with two 48-Key Phones )

ESI builds big-system features into the small-business IVX S-Class.

Equipped to grow to 16 phone lines, 32 digital stations, and eight analog stations, IVX S-Class gives your business a competitive edge.

Take just a few moments to learn how much an IVX system from ESI can do for your business.


Grows with your business
  • The IVX 72e has 70 call-processing ports, eight channels of voice mail, 140 hours of message storage, and support for up to 48 stations
  • The IVX 128e has 126 call-processing ports, 16 channels of voice mail, 280 hours of message storage, and support for up to 84 stations
  • Up to 28 fully functional analog ports
  • Up to 20 60-Key Expansion Consoles on IVX 128e (four on IVX 72e)

Powerful call handling
  • Enhanced Caller ID* allows one-touch automatic message return with ESI Feature Phones (supports basic Caller ID features on non-ESI analog phones)
  • Live call recording of any conversation (or personal memo); allows moving and copying recordings to others’ mailboxes
  • Live call screening allows listening to an incoming message (as on a home answering machine); pick up call at any time or let it go to voice mail
  • Highest-grade voice quality (64 kilobit/second sampling) or voice mail and other voice storage
  • Call waiting with Caller ID
  • Missed Call Key™ shows who called without leaving a message so you can easily return the call or store the number for speed-dialing
  • Virtual Answer Key™ makes it easy to record custom greetings to handle select callers when they’re in call waiting
  • Can support up to 16 conference callers (maximum of four persons in each conference)
  • Background announce
  • Trunk-to-trunk transfer
  • Eight music/message-on-hold tracks (includes three prerecorded tracks)
  • Dedicated overhead paging interface
  • QuickPage™ for rapid paging notification of held calls

ESI’s Verbal User Guide™
  • HELP key provides instant assistance
  • Hundreds of informative, friendly prompts guide users, administrators and installers

Sophisticated voice mail
  • Up to 16 channels of built-in voice mail
  • Easily identified with blue VOICE MAIL key
  • Off-premises message delivery (cell phone or pager)
  • Urgent message notification
  • Multiple mailbox types, including group, broadcast, informational, cascade paging and Q & A
  • Message Recycle Bin remembers and can restore each mailbox’s 10 most recently deleted messages
  • Quick Groups™ for easily moving a voice mail message to other user mailboxes
  • Quick Move™ for saving a message to other user mailboxes during call recording
  • Virtual Mailbox Key allows easy monitoring of additional mailboxes
  • Off-premises “reach-me” can let someone forwarded to a voice mailbox still reach the called party at a designated number
  • AutoPage™ makes it easier to page users over Feature Phone speakers (or, if connected, overhead paging system)

Automated attendant
  • Six levels, 100 branches
  • Virtually unlimited call routing, including off-premises transfer
  • Trunk-to-trunk transfer eliminates need for Centrex service to transfer calls off-premises

Automatic call distributor (ACD)
  • Routes calls within designated departments based on agent availability; maximizes customer call flow
  • Informative reporting

ESI Feature Phones
  • Different models give you max flexibility in handling varying needs
    – 48-Key Feature Phone in Digital, Digital TAPI
    – 24-Key Digital Feature Phone
    – 12-Key Digital Feature Phone
  • Four position tilt and wall-mountable
  • Rugged design resists abuse, spills
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Dedicated feature keys (including a distinctive blue VOICE MAIL key)
  • Up to 30 programmable feature keys
  • Volume/scroll keys
  • Headset operation
  • Esi-Dex™ speed-dialing
    – Three separate numbers lists:
       Personal Dex, Station Dex and System Dex
       (uses Caller ID* information or direct keypad entries)
    – Location Dex shows your Esi-Link and remote station locations
       (when applicable)
    – Feature Dex quickly programs programmable feature keys

Shared-office tenanting
  • Two tenants
  • Assignment of CO lines for best use by tenants
  • Each station and ACD department can be assigned to one tenant
  • Auto attendant can have different greetings, day/night settings, and routing to specific locations - just as if each tenant had its own system
  • Separate operator position for each tenant

Optional VIP™ software for Windows®
  • Visually Integrated Phone
  • On-screen interface for taking and making calls with all ESI features associated with normal Feature Phone use, as well as programming your Feature Phone
  • Lets you manage both voice mail messages and e-mail from within a single Microsoft® Outlook® 2000/2002/2003 Inbox
  • Provides .WAV files of voice mail messages
  • TAPI support (Basic Telephony Service) for use with not only Outlook but also other TAPI-compliant software, such as ACT!® and GoldMine®, to provide outbound dialing, “screen pops,” and more

Multiple high-capacity options
  • Optional Digital Line Card supports both T1 and ISDN PRI

Other features
  • Call reports (including ACD), SMDR
  • Local or remote diagnostics and maintenance
  • Automatic clock setting — synchronized with Caller ID